ACET Pharma e.U.
Mag. pharm. Udo Tschernuter
Pharma Consultant
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Leopold-Kucher-Str. 50/1A/8, 3040 Neulengbach, Austria
-Mag. pharm. Udo Tschernuter
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With a wealth of experience, I decided in early 2016 to start my own company.

ACET Pharma e.U. - the proven combination of vitamins A, C, E and T (schernuter) - since February 22, 2016 the trade is registered for "Manufacturing and wholesale of medicinal products".
For now my business is limited to consulting and services in this area, but there is room for growth.
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In April 2017 I started an interim QP position at Meda GmbH (a part of Mylan) group, till November 2017.

Additionally I am headof quality control of company Riviera in Tulln. This company is focused on Traditional Herbal preparations.

I was born and raised in beautiful Carinthia. My broad scientific interest led me after high school and military service, directly to pharmaceutical university studies in Graz. When I had to decide between pharmacy and industry (I had some pharmacy experience collected in my holidays), I took off an interesting offer in drug product development in Chemie Linz Pharma.

Seven years I worked in Linz and gained experience in pharmaceutical development. The focus was development of "solid dosage forms", but also some other formulation, especially in the context of clinical trial supplies. Next career step was the jump to Kwizda Pharma in Vienna plant where I headed the quality control department. Actualisation of GMP status and preparation of regulatory documents were main issues at this time.The great temptation of a big player in pharmaceutical industry, Baxter, unfortunately turned out as not family-compatible after a short time. A new, fairly contrarian field of activity was quality control at the company Peithner KG. As division manager I was responsible for all aspects of quality of homeopathic medicinal products. I participated in development of a quality assurance module for the existing ERP software and the planning of general site reconstruction.

Through a personal contact I became an employee at the consulting company DREHM-Pharma. After some experience in the regulatory field, my activities wandered due to capacity reasons more and more to a customer project. The DCP approval of a complex prostaglandin generic - lyophilized powder, special solvent, complex manual packaging with other ingredients - spread across multiple, ever-changing locations in half of Europe. After the launch I was registered as QP and it is not surprising that I finally completely switched my employment to the customer, Karmed HandelsGesmbH. There I was trade-laws managing director and QP and coordinated international contract manufacturers and customers.